Why Do my JBL headphones keep turning off?

Earbuds users are found all over the world. Any type of disturbance in their headphones or earbuds can create great trouble in their daily life. Nowadays, this question is like a hot cake Why do my JBL headphones keep turning off? so here we have a solution for this question.

why do my JBL headphones keep turning off?

It’s quite annoying when you are enjoying your favorite music and your headphones start turning off and on. There may be some reasons for this :

  • Battery  issues

  • charger problem

  • Headphones internal issues

  • Customize settings issues

Now we will discuss these problems one by one

 Battery issues

If your headphones keep turning off and on, then it might be possible that your headphones are run out of charging. Make sure that your headphones are fully charged if not then you can face this problem.

Your headphones consume more power if you are listening to videos or watching movies on them at a volume level of more than 70% as compared to if you are listening to audio music at a volume level of listen than 70% and in this way they run out of battery and keep turning on and off. These things can consume more battery and create a problem of turning on and off.

In order to solve this problem, you should use your headphones or earbuds at a volume level of 60% as it will save your battery and also doesn’t put any negative effect on your ears.

Charger problem

The second reason for this turning off and on the problem is your charger.

There may be a problem with your charging case or the wire that you use for charging your headphones. Either the wire may deteriorate or the charging port is damaged. So in this way, you put your headphones on charging but they are not receiving the required energy, and when you turn them on they start turning on and off due to battery shortage.

The solution for this problem is that you should change your charger or charging wire and also make sure that your charging port is also working well.

Headphones internal issues

there are several headphones that have power-saving features if they come with an app that can be customized on your mobile phone. Although the power-saving feature is not harmful but you shouldn’t rely on it, especially in headphones. you must keep them turning on and off according to your battery status.

Sometimes, when you turn on audio music your device turns off for a few seconds, which means that your device is allowing the power saving feature to turn on. You can customize the headphones setting with the app that you can use on your mobile phone.

Customize setting issues 

Sometimes, your customize setting can cause this problem of turning off and on because the power-saving feature can cause trouble in some devices. The power-saving feature is not harmful but it is not useful to use it always on your devices.

If a customized setting causes this problem, then it can be sorted out by:

Resetting your headphones

How to reset your JBL headphones? 

To be honest, having wireless and Bluetooth gadgets like headphones and earbuds are more best and more perfect than wired. I would like to ask which type of problem you face while having even the wireless or Bluetooth gadgets, do headphones keep turning off and on in spite of having full charging? all of sudden they lose the connection with your mobile phone? sometimes even the quality of music changes and it seems quite bad to you?

These problems are now very common these days so don’t feel yourself all alone. Most of the people having wireless headphones often complain of this problem.So in this article, we bring all the possible solutions to your problems.

Here is a list of steps, on how to reset your headphones. Follow these steps and in this way, you will be able to sort out your problem. But if you still face this problem then you can ask a related question in the comment section given below.

Step 1: Turn off your headphones 

First of all, you have to turn off your headphones. How to turn them off? if you don’t know then don’t worry we will also make it easy.

Step 2: Press the volumes buttons 

Press the volume + and volume – buttons at the same time and keep them pressing for at least 10 to 20 seconds. Now take your finger off, after this you will hear music for tuning off notification, and also the blue and red lights blink for the same time. You have powered off your headphones successfully.

Step 3: Charge your headphones 

After shutting them off, Plug the headphones until they are fully charged. Make sure that your charging cable is completely workable and the charging port is working well. Blue light indicates the headphones are being charged.

Step 4: Connect your headphones

After testing your headphones they lost all the connection with your previous devices. So before using you have to connect your headphones with your,mobile computer or laptop.

To have further information regarding charging your headphones you can also read:   How can you charge your earbuds?

What to do even after resetting JBL headphones doesn’t solve the issue?

When you are listening to music and your headphones are fully charged and you have reset them a few days ago but all of sudden they once again start turning on and off. In order to fix this problem even after resetting your headphones, then follow the given instructions;

Step 1: switch on Bluetooth 

Go to your mobile setting and make sure that your Bluetooth option is on.

Step 2: Disconnect all devices 

Turn off your headphones and disconnect all the devices that are connected to your headphones.

Step 3: Reboot your connected devices 

First, turn off your mobile phone’s Bluetooth option and then reboot it before turning them on.

Step 4: pair your headphones

Turn on your headphones and your mobile’s Bluetooth option. your mobile will receive the device name like JBL and make a pair with it. After making pair you will receive a notification to tune that your device has been connected successfully. Be sure that your headphones are in range of full contact with your mobile because close distance creates a barrier in making a connection.

Step 5:keep updating your devices

updating is very beneficial to your devices as it can remove the extra burden on your devices and also refresh them. Furthermore, updating also boosts the working performance of your devices.

Importance of resetting JBL headphones:

There are many benefits of resting your headphones. When your headphones do not work properly even after charging completely and using a workable wire then at that time it means your headphones require resting.

Here is a list of benefits that you will receive after resetting your device

  • when there is an issue with the Bluetooth connection
  • When you face the problem that JBL headphones keep turning off and on
  • Your headphones keep turning on and off even after full charging
  • when your headphones do not connect with your mobile phones
  • When your single earbud connect but the other does not
  • The audio and video quality is also halted due to this problem
  • when your headphones lost connection again and again
  • When you face the problem that sound is not coming after your headphones are connected successfully

For further information, you can also read the manual guide given with your JBL headphones.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Why do my JBL headphones keep turning off?

Your JBL headphones keep turning off because they are run out of battery but you have charge them fully but still keep turning off then you should try to stay close to your headphones because when you are out of range your headphones start turning off. So to avoid this problem you must stay in a range full distance.

  • Does JBL headphones suitable for gaming and sports?

Yes, you can use them for gaming and sports surely as they are quite perfect for gaming and sports. They are made water and sweat resistant to standby the sweet and dust during your workout. Moreover, its sound quality is very fine and seems to be good when you are mentally working out.

  • Does JBL headphones worth purchasing?

Yes, JBL headphones are so cheap and suitable for your budget that you can stop yourself from buying them. They come in so many varieties shapes and colors that are suitable to your choice and also to your budget. When you are in the market there are so many varieties of JBL headphones that you find it difficult to chose which one or to reject anyone.


JBL headphones keep turning off and on because sometimes there are battery issues and charging troubles. Bust when you have sorted out this problem then maybe some internal issues can create this problem like automatic on and off features and power-saving features. When this problem is also sorted out but still there is the problem that JBL headphones keep turning on and off then you should go for the resetting option. As described above there are a lot of benefits of resting headphones. In this way, you can easily solve your problem. Furthermore, keep updating your headphones to make them work properly and updating makes your headphones an all-new product.

JBL headphones have very sharp and good Bluetooth connectivity options so you can easily connect them to your mobile phones and your laptops by turning on the pairing option and connecting them with JBL headphones. Thus you can enjoy your gamings your sports and also watch your favorite movies and songs with them.

JBL headphones are so worth buying that I will recommend them again and again because you will find all those features and qualities in it that headphones should have. It comes at affordable prices with water resistance and sweat resistance. It has so many designs and colors and you can use them for more than 6 hours of battery timing. Hence having a long time for fun and enjoyment. There are so much worth buying and attractive that you cannot stop yourself from buying them.

Now it’s time, to sum up. Hope that this article will be very using full to you and I will be able to answer this frequently asked question and also hope that now you will be able to solve your problem.

Good Luck!

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