Why Do My Airpods keep Cutting Out [Here is solution How TO Fix]

Why do my Airpods keep out? what will be the reason for this problem?

No doubt it is very annoying when you are listening to music and Airpods keep cutting out. This thing not only spoils the enjoyment but also creates many questions in your mind regarding the condition of Airpods that either they are working properly or not. You have to spend handsome money on buying them and any disorder before expected time could disturb you. It is a very commonly occurring problem for Airpods pro users that their Airpods keep cutting out and turning on and off. Airpods are worth buying due to their ease of use but this is a very relatable problem with them

But here the question is why do my Airpods keep cutting out? why do they begin to glitch often when I am listening to music or anything else? So it’s a time not to be worried because it is a very commonly occurring problem for Airpods users.

Why do my Airpods keep cutting out? Let’s go for getting the reason.

  • Battery power issue
  • Internal problem with the software
  • The external problem of hardware
  • Bluetooth connection problem.
  • Update requirements
  • Automatic  setting
  • Software incompatibility.

These are possible reasons for cutting out of Airpod. But when there is no such problem and still Airpods keep cutting out then you are in right place. In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons and causes why Airpods keep cutting out?

      1-Battery power

Yes, it is the reason. Whenever your Airpods are below the average battery then they start cutting out. It is recommended that you should stop using your Airpods at a battery level of  30%.  If the battery is below 30%, this would happen that they keep cutting out and turning on and off.

      2-Bluetooth connection problem

Your Airpods communicate with mobile phones or any other devices with Bluetooth connections. Not only Airpods but also other wireless devices use the same to communicate with their surroundings.

If there is any problem with the connection and Bluetooth connection then it would happen that Airpods keep cutting out. If you are staying at a long distance from your mobile phone then Airpods start cutting out.

      3- Automatic switching option

Your Airpods pro may have an automatic connection option with those devices that already had a connection. Whenever these devices are in range Airpods start cutting out.

      4- Internal problem of software

It could be a reason that Internal problems with software can create a troubling scene with Airpods. Software problems can be an update requirement. Whenever you are using Airpods for a longer time and didn’t do any updates or check for updated requirements. So it could be a reason that lack of updates can make your Airpods keep cutting out.

Why do my Airpods keep cutting out?

Here are fixes to solve the problem.

In this modern world of technological use, Airpods are very famous and widely using wireless products. They are known for their ease of use, their wireless facilities, many styles, and affordable rage. But is a very annoying problem related to their use they keep cutting off. Although they provide a good battery range still they are facing the problem that they keep cutting off and on.

What will be the possible fixes and solutions for this issue? Then you are lucky that you are in a very suitable place. In this article, you will find a complete solution for your issue.

  • Check for battery power

  • Check for the Bluetooth connection.

  •  Software compatibility.

  • Look for updates.

  • Automatic settings of Airpods.

  • Resetting your Airpods and mobile.

  • Reset your iPhone

  • Update firmware on the mobile app

  • Clean your AirPods

Now we will briefly discuss the fixes that there are some hidden keys to your trouble in these solutions that could be understood able from the top. Let’s go deep down into them:

Check for battery power

Airpod Pro provides a very excellent battery range. So users get so much involved in their enjoyment that they remain no more aware of the remaining battery. As a result, Airpods began to cut down and start turning on and off.

In order to check the battery level of Airpods pro on your mobile app

  • Ask Siri: what is my battery status now?
  • It doesn’t have a Siri app Then go to settings.
  • Tap the mobile screen from left to right and scroll down.
  • the mobile app will simply tell you the battery status of Airpods.
  • then tap the upper left corner of the widget to check the battery.

Another simple option is that put the Airpods into the case and remain the lid open. When your AirPods are near to your iPhone, it will simply show a pop-up screen notification about the case charging and the Airpods individual.

Check the Bluetooth connection

If the battery is full but still it is occurring that Airpods is cutting out. Then look at a second problem. It is possible that the Bluetooth connection might be weak and not enough to support your device. Bluetooth is the way to communicate between you and your mobile. It is always good to see whether the Bluetooth is turned on or off.

The first and most important thing to do is that Turn off your Bluetooth and after a while turned it on. But before doing so Unpair your Airpods from your mobile phone.

It will be more helpful to completely forget your Airpods from your mobile phone and repair your device.

To forget the Airpods from a mobile phone simply follow the steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Bluetooth option
  • Here tap the ” i ” icon next to your AirPods
  • Then forget the Airpods.

After doing this simply pair once again with your mobile. At that time it is sure that your problem will be resolved if not then look forward to another solution

Pair your AirPods again with the mobile phone by  following these steps:

  • Put the Airpods in the case and remain the lid open.
  • Animated setup will appear on your iPhone screen.
  • Make sure that your iPhone is unlocked and the display screen is on.
  • Animated setup will appear and simply re-connect your Airpods with your mobile.

Hope so these things will beneficial and helpful for resolving your issue. If you have any issue regarding the charging of Airpods then read this article also.

Software compatibility

  • Airpods 3 require software is iOs 15.1
  • If you have Airpods pro then it requires iOs 13.2
  • But the AirPods 2 old one need iOs  12.2

Check that your Airpods have compatible software otherwise it would be possible that they keep cutting out.

Look for updates

It is also possible that your device is now no more up-to-date. At the time it needs updates.

Simply go to settings and check for updates. If there is any action needed regarding updates then must do it But there is no update requirement then also go for it.

Automatic detection option

It is possible that your Airpods may have an automatic detection option.

The automatic detection option is that whenever you take Airpods from ears to swipe up from left to right, then would automatically turn off due to ear detection.

To turn off this feature simply go to setting and tap the Airpods icon. Here is next would be the automatic detection option. Turned it off as it will be helpful regarding the solution to this problem.

Resetting your Airpods and mobile

If the above solution doesn’t work it means that there is any other problem. Sometimes rest can solve the issue.

Follow the steps to reset your iPhone.

  • Go to settings/ general setting.
  • Tap the shut down button.
  • Slide the power-off control and wait for shut down.
  • After shutting down, power on the power terminal button on the side and wait for iOs available and simply unlock it.
  • Now try to reconnect your Airpods with the mobile.
  • Hope that with that solution your Airpods will start working well.

Reset your Airpods

After resetting your mobile, it will also be useful to reset your Airpods. As it can also resolve the issue.

  • Open the Airpods case near your iPhone
  • Tap and then hole the buttons on the case
  • Wait for 15sec
  • An animated interface will appear on the Airpods indicating that Airpods are resetting.
  • After this, Airpods are reset now.
  • When you turn them on They automatically connect with your iPhone
  • If not connect, then simply go to Bluetooth options and try to connect from here.
  • Also, remove the Airpods from the connected list and then try to connect now.

Clean your AirPods

It would be possible that Airpods cutting out may be due to uncleanliness. When you are using them for a long time Ear wax gets clogged in them. This thing can also cause the Airpods to cut out. To resolve, simply clean your Airpods:

  • Take a soft lint cloth
  • Gently clean your Airpods
  • Do cleaning at the outer speaker not at the main speaker as it can damage the device.
  • It is advisable not to use the cloth to clean them as cloth can damage the soft fibrotic internal structure.

Another solution

Unpair your Airpods

  • Go to settings
  • search the Airpods that are already connected.
  • when you find them Tap the Info button
  • Now forget the Airpods
  • Restart your iPhone.

Pair your AirPods

  • Go to settings
  • check the Bluetooth option
  • Make sure that it is turned on
  • Now turn  on our Airpods
  • Connect them with your iPhone.

By following all these steps, it is sure that now your Airpods are no more cutting out.

Update firmware on the mobile app

Firmware is a functional technique for your Airpods that provides low-level programming hardware for your Airpods. In this way, if you don’t have compatible software then firmware can be helpful to resolve your issue.

You will find it difficult to update the firmware version on your Airpods but Apple makes it easy to do automatically

  • Turn on your Airpods and connect to your iPhone by Turning on Bluetooth.
  • By doing so Firmware will automatically download, install and update.
  • But if already have firmware, then check whether it is updated or not by going to setting / Bluetooth.
  • look for your Airpods and tap the ” i ” icon on the right side.
  • Check the existing firmware version.


In this article, we have discussed all the possible problems relating to the problem that why my Airpods are cutting out.

It could be a software problem, hardware issue. It is also possible that your Bluetooth connection is poor so this problem is occurring.

Another reason for this problem is that you are standing at a long distance from your mobile phone and this thing makes connection poor and that why Airpods are cutting out.

The battery level is the main reason for this issue. When the battery gets below its range then it is possible that Airpods start glitching out.

Here we have also discussed All the possible solutions to this problem. We hope that now you are able to solve the issue by your own.

If you have any questions regarding this issue you can ask any further questions in the comment section below.

Do also share with your family and friends as it will be a great help for them.


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