Why Are My Airpods Blinking Red?

Apple Airpods have been essential to life for a while now. They are being used pretty much everywhere. Their minimal and portable design makes them stand out among many other companies. The AirPods come in a case that features different colored lights. The various lights show up according to the situation of the AirPods. Some lights show up as an indication of something.

AirPods have always been a crowd favorite when it comes to phone gadgets. To take care of your AirPods and their case, you need to know how to spot any issues. This is why we will be answering your questions on ‘why is my AirPod case flashing red?’

If you have purchased a new pair of AirPods, you may be confused when it comes to the colored lights that appear on the case. Not to worry, we are going to explain these flashes.

Now what? Should you stop listening to your Airpods? After all the time you have spent together, in the subway, in the gym, and those romantic lonely nights listening to music. Well, it’s not all over. Maybe your Airopds needs some care and trying to get your attention through the flashing red lights. Let’s figure out why.

Why is my Airpod blinking red?

The light that you see while turning on or off your headphones or Airpods is a status light. This light indicates the present status of Airpods. You can see this light either on the outside of the case or inside the case. This light may also be in the form of blinking or flashing. There may be a problem causing this flashing of light. There are some Airpods that usually shine on the outside of the case and some shine inside the case. AirPods’ first generation first usually shines outside the case and Airpod’s second generation and Burga have their lights on the outside of the case.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the possible reasons why are my Airpods blinking red.

Why are my Airpods blinking red ( Reasons)

Here are a few reasons concluded why are Airpods blinking red. Must have the knowledge about these reasons and have solution according to them.

Without any waste of time let’s dive into this problem that causes the blinking of Airpods red.

Low battery status

The most common and important reason for the Airpods blinking red is their low battery status. whenever your Airpods run out of charge or power they will start blinking or flashing red. Here are two-component of Airpods that need to be charged from time to time and regularly. One is the Airpods themselves and the other is their charging case. These two are the component of Airpods that need power supply and energy regularly otherwise you will often face the problem of flashing lights.

So whenever you notice or see this flashing of red light or blinking of light, put your Airpods on charging at once. You can charge them with a wireless USB cable or a wireless charger. Your AirPods will start flashing green or blinking green light after getting fully charged.

The improper placing of Airpods in their case

Another reason for this problem is their mismatch while storing them in their case. This flashing of light occurs when you mix the orientation of Airpods while keeping them in their case.

Besides, this can also happen if your AirPods get exchanged with someone else’s. Since the earbuds look almost similar, it’s not unusual to mistake your friend’s AirPods to be yours at a party.

Firmware Update issues

Though you will rarely find any software glitches on Apple products, they may appear if your AirPods are not up to date. This may also result in your Airpods flashing red lights. Apples offer software updated for its Aipods that helps eliminate bugs and improve performance. Keep along with the latest updates and you will find fewer issues with your Airpods.

How to solve the issue of Airpods blinking red?

If you want to fix the issue of Airpods blinking red, You need to follow these instructions:

  • First, go to Setting.
  • In the setting menu, go for Bluetooth and devices.
  • In this menu, you will identify your Airpods identity.
  • Besides the name of your AirPods, click the ‘I’ icon.
  • Here you have to forget your device and confirm it.
  • Reopen the lid, then push and press the reset button on the case’s back till a flashing white light appears. It symbolizes that your Airpods are ready to be paired. 
  • Put your AirPods nearer to your iOS smartphone if you’re using one. A setup sequence will appear on your homepage after opening it. Then touch “Connect” and “Done.”
  • If you are an Android user, head to the “Settings” section and enable Bluetooth. Find and click your AirPods’ name.

frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The flashing light in your Airpods indicates the present status of the Airpods. Whenever Airpods are Blinking red it indicates the low battery status. Green light indicates the charging state. While blue light indicates that Airpods are being charged.
If your right Airpod is quieter than the left one it might be possible that dirt or dust os gets clogged into it that's why it is quieter than the right one. Clan your Airpods regularly. Also, clean your ears before using the Airpods.
If your AirPods are blinking red or any other light, it indicates the present status of the Airpods. The red light indicates the low battery status. Green light indicates the charging state. If your AirPods have a low battery then it might be possible for Airpods to start blinking red light.
If you have AirPods, the light blinks for a few minutes when you put the lid on a wireless charging cover to show that charging has begun. Then, it outlasts unlit for the time you want it on the cover; no matter if the case is entirely charged or not.


Airpods blinking light indicates the present status of your Airpods. These lights are very important regarding the health of Airpods. Airpods blinking red indicates the low battery status so whenever Airpods start blinking red it indicates the battery is low and put them on charge. A green light indicates that Airpods are being charged. so whenever light changes its color it indicates that Airpods has been fully charged. So these lights have great importance regarding the health and status of Airpods.

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