Sleeping With Airpods In Bad For You [10 Hidden Risks 2022]

Duo to hustle and bustle of this world nowadays it is very difficult to sleep peacefully. Most people have the problem of insomnia which there is a lack of sleep. Moreover, any slight sound can disturb their sleep at night. To avoid disturbing sound at night, sleeping with Airpods is a good idea. To have a good sleep at night and listening to music on Airpods is sounds good. At night when you wouldn’t e able to sleep then you can use AirPods.  If your partner snores at night then using Airpods is a good idea. You are living near a construction site so to avoid disturbing sounds, Airpods are good.

Do you notice that the last night you use Airpods and in the morning you have headache. Your ears are full of wax in the following morning when Airpods was in your ears at night. Your ears are a little swollen in the morning. You are disturbed and irritated in the morning.

If yes then your Airpods are causing some problems with you that can e severe.

If not then you are lucky to have a good sleep at night.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits and some problems that are created by using Airpods at night.

Can you sleep with Airpods?

It depends on your surrounding environment. This also depends on your wearing situation and how you are using them. But it will be beneficial to know the possible dangers caused by this. Here are some disadvantages of wearing headphones at night:

Disturbed sleep

Some sensitive people who use Airpods at night could have the problem of disturbed sleep. Airpods can disturb your sleep as your mind remain awake at night due to the sound of music and when you wake up you will be disturbed. Your health can also deuterate due to improper sleep at night. While listening to music at night brain and nervous system keep working and you cannot get the deep enough sleep that is recommended.

Ear wax

It is possible that long-time use of Airpods can create a lot of ear wax in your ears. Here the main thing is that what is disadvantages of earwax. Ear wax can lessen your hearing, can create an inflammation, clogged into dust and dirt, and result in a bacterial reaction.

So try to minimize the time in which earbuds are in your ears and also clean the Airpods from time to time to avoid this reaction.

Ear infection

It would be likely to happen when ear wax clogged in a great amount in your ear, which results in an ear infection. Moreover, your hearing will also be disturbed due to this infection.

so keep cleaning your ears and Airpods

Otitis externa

It is a condition when your outer ear gets swollen and inflamed due to overuse of Airpods. Otitis is often referred to as swimming ears because repeated exposure to water makes your ears more vulnerable to infection. Overuse of Airpods can cause this problem, especially at night. This will lead to hearing loss also.

So you should not listen to Airpods all the time because their overuse not only damages eras but also cause loss of hearing.

Hearing loss

If you are listening to a volume level of more than 105- 110 dB then it will result in loss of hearing in just 5 minutes. 105- 110 dB is the maximum amount of volume your ears can withstand. Above this level, you will lose hearing.

If you don’t want this then minimize the timing to use Airpods. It is recommended that your music level should not exceed 60%. when you are using it for a long time so in this case down the volume level even below this.


If you are a side sleeper means to say sleep on one side then wearing Airpods at night can result in pain. Moreover, this can also disturb your blood flow. Airpods pressed deeply into your ears and cause pain.

Swallowing Airpods

Yes, it is possible.

According to sources, there is no reported case about this but is possible that you could swallow them while asleep.

According to Ban Hsu from Taiwan: He was using Airpods at night but in the morning he couldn’t find the other one in the morning. Upon enabling the tracking feature on his iPhone, he discovered that he actually swallowed the other Airpod.

Can miss some important sounds

While listening to music at night results in not listening to some important sounds like your Alarm or someone knocking at the door.

You will be safe from this by slowing down the music level. It will not only beneficial for this purpose but also for your health.

Damage to Airpods

Using Airpods at night not only spoils your health but can also be a source of damage for your Airpods. When you keep listening to Airpods the whole night this causes damage to its battery. You are also damaging its battery and life span. Airpods usually provide a battery timing of 5- 6 hours but the time duration at night is more than this. So Airpods battery and life span are in danger due to your this act.


It is a condition when there is a lack of blood flow to the body cells and tissues. As a result, cells and tissues begin to die. The same happens with your ears.

In case when Airpods don’t fit into ears Then this thing creates extra pressure on your ears and gradually the skin cells begin to die. S to fix this problem always use such Airpods that fully fit into your ears. No extra pressure is to be put on your ear in order to fix the Airpods.

Can I use Airpods at night?

Here above are all the risks related to this act. But above all of this, if you are using Airpods then it is also important to know about some of the benefits related to it.

Let’s have a look at them:

Noise cancellation

As I have described earlier that if you are living near a construction area then using Airpods is a good idea. If your partner snores then use Airpods. Some people have insomnia which means that cannot sleep at night so to avoid this boring time keep Airpods with you.

But make sure that they are not causing any one of the above-listed damage. If yes then stop using Airpods.


Some of the people have a hobby to listening to music and this hobby makes them feel relaxed and happy. Similarly listening to music at night also make them happy and provides relaxation. But if this hobby causing trouble for you then avoid such hobbies. Human life is more important than any temporary hobby and relaxation.

Wireless Airpods at night

This is a very beneficial feature for those who are fed up with using wired headphones at night. Wireless Airpods make them relax and free of tension that they have to shut down the computer or to shut off their mobile. Wireless Airpods can be used at night because of their great facility.

But if wireless Airpods cause a headache for you then stop using them. You are getting any disadvantages due to the use of Airpods then stop using them.

Ear gel

These are interchangeable provided with Airpods and made of silicon. Their purpose is to protect your ears from deep pressure. Using ear gel at night can be helpful in protecting you from the dangers of using Airpods at night.

Is it bad to sleep with Airpods pro?

It depends upon the condition that how you are using them. There are some certain precautions that you can follow and avoid the dangers related to its use. Follow them and make your sleep out of danger.

Maintain hygiene

It is the most important measure that you should take regarding the use of Airpods. Long use of Airpods can create ear wax in your ears. Ear wax can cause bacterial infections in your ears and can also damage your health.

Keep cleaning your ears from time to time and also your Airpods. In case of increased earwax avoid extra contact with water as water makes your ears more vulnerable to infection.

Regarding cleaning you can also read our article 

Use a memory foam pillow

This pillow is more soft and beneficial as compared to others. Their main feature is that they regain their shape after u sleep on them and don’t flatten out. These pillows save you from extra pressure on your ears.

Is it safe to use Airpods at night?


Here we have discussed all the benefits and disadvantages regarding the use of Airpods at night. Now the ball is in your court. It is up to you how you use them and how you keep yourself safe and sound.

You can use AirPods at night but must follow the precautionary measures. keep your ears and Airpods clean from time to time. Keep your volume level at 60% in day time but should be less at night.

Minimize the timing of using Airpods. As it not only spoils your health but also damages battery life.

Hope you like this article. If there is any question you want to ask any other question comment in the given section below. Do also share with your family and friends as it will be a great help for them.

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