How to fix Airpods one side louder than the other [official Solutions 2022]

Sometimes, it happens that you are listening to music on your both Airpods and it seems that one of the Airpod is louder than the other. This feels quite annoying. Music cannot be enjoyed to its full due to this issue.

If you have this issue then don’t feel alone because it is a very frequently occurring issue. The most common reason for this issue is that your AirPods need cleaning and resetting.

In this article, we will explain all the possible solutions to your issue. In the end, you will be able to solve your problem on your own. You will also come to know how ear wax can alter the sound quality.

Possible Conditions for this issue:

Here are some conditions which create the issue that why is my one AirPods louder than others.

  • Cleaning of Airpods

  • Difference in audio quality of both Airpods

  • Resetting of Airpods

  • Charging case of Airpods

  • Pairing problem

Now we will discuss them one by one and try to know the reason for this issue.

Cleaning of Airpods

It is a common practice that most people listen to only one Airpod at a time. After a long time when they use the other Airpod then it seems that this Airpod is quite louder than the other one.

As time passes your Airpods get clogged with dirt, dust, and your ear wax. This thing can cause the problem that one Airpod is louder than the other. Airpods speaker is located on this front and it is most likely that dust and dirt can clog it. So the best solution for this problem is that clean your Airpod.

  • Take a soft lint cloth and soak it in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Don’t use a cloth or tissue for this purpose as it can damage your device hardware.
  • Gently clean your Airpods mic and speakers fibrotic wholes with this.
  • After cleaning, it is damn sure that you will feel the difference between before and after.
  • But after cleaning this issue still exist then it might be possible that there is another type of problem with your Airpod.

The difference in the audio balance of both Airpods:

Listening to an equal audio quality on both Airpods is the audio balance. It would happen that Airpods volume is adjusted at a different audio level in the setting. So the difference in audio balance can cause the problem that one of your Airpod is louder than the other.

To resolve this issue,

  • Go to your Airpods setting app on your mobile.
  • Click the Accessibility option in the setting.
  • Here tap the Hearing option.
  • In hearing you will have the Audio/visual option.
  • Align the adjustor of volume to its middle.
  • Now you will listen to an audio balance of both Airpods equally.

Resetting of Airpods:

Sometimes, resetting can resolve the issue of difference in audio quality. Resetting is very beneficial for your headphones as it can make them work newly. Resetting your headphones doesn’t need any rocket science, here are a few steps to restart your headphones.

  • Tap the setup volumes on the charging case at the same time and hold for 20 seconds.
  • You will receive a notification tune.
  • Airpods blink amber and white light at the same time.
  • When white light blink for a few seconds then your Airpods will turn off.
  • Your AirPods are now successfully reset.

For further information regarding resetting, you can also read more: Resetting your headphones

Charging case of Airpods:

It is possible that dust, dirt, and your ear wax clogged in the charging case of your Airpods make them block. So whenever you charge AirPods they will not receive the required charging due to some disturbance in case. In this way, whenever you use Airpods there is a difference in audio balance.

Clean your charging case by following the given instructions:

  • Soak the soft lint cloth in freshwater.
  • Gently clean the outer side where you place the Airpods.
  • Don’t use a tissue or cloth to clean it as it can damage the hardware.
  • Keep checking the audio balance step by step
  • Now you will feel the difference between before and after.
  • Suck the ear wax

Ear wax is the main cause of the difference between the audio balance of both Airpods. It is important that you should suck the earwax from Airpods from time to time to keep them working properly.

  • You can suck the ear wax by air pressure sucker.
  • Blow the air through the internal speakers
  • prevent blowing of air through the main speaker as it can damage your device.

Pairing problem:

Simply off and on of Airpods cannot solve the problem. Disconnecting the device from your mobile setting can resolve this issue. So follow these steps and solve the tour issue

  • Put the Airpods in the case and close the lid
  • This will automatically disconnect your device from your mobile
  • Go to your mobile setting
  • Open the Bluetooth setting
  • Here you have to tap ” i “ button next to your AirPods
  • Select Forget the device, and your device will be deleted from your mobile.
  • Open the case take out AirPods and press the setup buttons for 15 seconds.
  • Airpods will indicate amber and white light, when white light blink for 10 seconds it means that your Airpods are reset.

Now take the Airpods closer to the device and connect them by simply from pomp.

Update and restart the device

One Airpod is louder than the other it may be due to incompatibility between the software of your headphones and the mobile app. So it will be beneficial to update your device. Some missing updates can create this problem. When your device needs updates and there is no action taken for it then you often face the problem that one AirPods is louder than the other.

Simply go to setting and check General> software updates.

If there is no action needed then still update your device and then restart.

When your device boot up then reconnect it with your mobile.

Check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Replacement/ Repair

When you have tried to solve all the possible reasons for the issue, still it happened that one of Airpod is louder than other. So the only remains option is either to repair your Airpods or to replace them. Make sure that your device has a warranty, otherwise you have to pay the charges for repair or replacement. Consult the company of your Airpods in case of warranty. But if your device is over the required limit then any other company can be visited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is my one Airpod quitter than the other?

It is possible that one Airpod is quite due to the difference in the setting of audio balance. So simply go to setting and adjust the Hearing >Audi/visual level to its medium level. Adjust the slider of volume to its medium so that there is some volume in both Airpods.

  • How can I solve one Airpod is louder than the other?

If your one Airpod is quieter than the other, it would happen that it is clogged by some debris. Clean your Airpods by using a soft lint cloth. It is advisable, not to use cloth as it can damage your device. Use an air blower to clean the Airpods. Blow the air through the outer speaker, not the main speaker as it can damage the device.


Here is a list of fixes for your issue. It is always beneficial to keep updating your device not only headphones but also your mobile phones. Updating and restarting not only solve this issue but can also be a solution for many other problems. In spite of all these solutions still, this problem exists, So try to replace or repair your device if there is a warranty otherwise charges will be paid.

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