I Dropped My Airpod In Water (How To Save Them)?

No doubt Airpods are quite a favorite technological product these days. Doesn’t matter how much they cost but most people prefer them due to their facility.

But unfortunately, if you have dropped your Airpods into water then don’t be panic!

We are here to save your Airpods and bring them back to their life.

There is a list of precautionary measures that can save your Airpods but here is a very crucial tip to save from any bigger damage. The tip is:

 After taking out of the water, don’t shake Airpods in order to push water out of them. Because this thing can cause more damage as most of the soft parts that were joined by glue are already separated by water. Shaking can break those separated parts.

Dropped my Airpods pro in water.

What to do now?

No doubt it is a very tragic situation that your dropped Airpods pro in water and also don’t know what to do now. You have to spend a very big amount on their purchasing. Don’t be worry because we are here to take you out of this tragic situation. Follow these steps and bring back your Airpods to life.

Don’t be panic.

The first thing is to be that don’t be panic because it has now happened that your Airpods are in waster. Don’t be worry stay be calm and just focus on how to save your Airpods.

Take them out of water

The first and foremost thing to do is to take them out of the water as soon as possible. The damage to Airpods depends on the depth of water in which they dropped. If your AirPods are waterproof like Airpods pro then don’t be worry your Airpods will be safe. But if they are water-resistant then it might be possible that a little damage would happen to Airpods.

After taking them out of water don’t try to connect Airpods with any other device or turn them on as they look dry but in actuality are not.

Dry them after taking them out of water


The next thing to do is to dry them immediately.

  • Use a soft lint cloth
  • Don’t use a cloth as it damages the internal soft parts.
  • If lint cloth is not available then you can dry with a cotton cloth.
  • Cotton swabs can also be used to dry the Airpods and also the charging case.
  • Put the Airpods and the charging case upside down on the lint cloth.
  • Keep them drying for a long time up to 4- 5 hours
  • Don’t connect them with any device or turn them on because they are not dry not yet.

Use a desiccant for drying

If you have tried the first method to dry the Airpods but it is not working, it means that there is still some water inside the Airpods. Take a container with some desiccants and put the Airpods into them. You are wondering what are desiccants. Desiccants are those small packets provided with every electronics, shoes and other product, always labeled with:

” Do not eat”

Put the Airpods into these desiccants as they are very beneficial to suck out moisture and water out of Airpods and other electronics devices. Place the Airpods in desiccants for at least 5 – 6 hours for better drying and working.

Check the charging case

Note that if your charging case is also wet then try to fit it also by

  • Taking it out of water
  • drying it with a lint cloth
  • Wipeout any moisture from the case.
  • Don’t blow the air through a blow dryer or hairdryer as it will totally spoil your product.

Give plenty of time for drying

Don’t do hurry for connecting and pairing Airpods to your mobile phone or turn them on. Your device is not completely dry yet. so first try to completely dry it and suck out moisture and water out of it.

It will be better to keep drying for a whole day and not to turn them on and pair them with any device.

Dry them naturally

Yes, it is possible that Airpods can dry by a natural method. Try this method after applying all the above-discussed methods.

  • Gently wipe the Airpods and charging case with a lint cloth.
  • Cover them in a cloth and place them near a window or a place where sun rays are coming
  • Try to place the Airpods under the sun in such a way that sun rays are in direct contact with pods.
  • Dry them under the sun for a maximum time as the sun will wipe out moisture more effectively than any other method.

Use airwaves to suck water out of pods

I think that you are confused with the term what are airwaves if not then it will be a very useful step toward saving your Airpods. Now the question is how to use airwaves to suck out water

  • Download the Siri app on your mobile phone if you are an Airpods pro user
  • If you already have the mobile app for your Airpods then open this app.
  • Connect your Airpods with your mobile.
  • Go to settings and tap the Eject water option
  • Maximize the volume up to 100%( don’t put them into your ears!)
  • You will feel that your pods are vibrating and water is slowly coming out.
  • Alongside, use a lint cloth to wipe the outcoming water and moisture

It will be the last step toward saving your Airpods. But Airpods don’t work even after this then the only remaining option is to replace them.


Visit your Airpods manufacturing company. If your AirPods have a warranty then it will be good but in case of over-limit then you will have to pay the charges for replacement.

Does Apple pro provide a warranty for water damage?

No Apple does not provide a warranty for this water damage. It only provides a warranty for only technological problems or functional issues but not for water damage. So if you have Apple AirPods then they will not provide the replacement facility in case of water damage.

Try to get a new pair of Airpods

Yes, in case of water damage company will not provide a replacement facility. In spite of this option if you have tried all the above-discussed life saving processes for your AirPods, and still not working. The option is to buy a new pair of your AirPods and at that time prefer to have a waterproof product not water-resistant.

Dropped Airpods in water( saving options)

Waterproof Airpods

If you dropped AirPods in water, and the pods are waterproof then don’t worry. Waterproof Airpods can withstand water damage but it depends upon the quantity of water.

On the other hand, water-resistant AirPods cannot withstand water damage no matter what the quantity was.

Dropped Airpods in a washing machine(Fully submerged in water)

If your AirPods are waterproof then you are lucky and congratulated that your Airpods can withstand a water machine ride. But if they are water-resistant then it’s a thing to be a worry.

Waterproof Airpods can tolerate a large amount of water and will be safe to use. Water-resistant Airpods cannot tolerate a large amount of water contact.

Whenever you are buying an Airpods then kept it in mind to always have a waterproof one not resistant.

Dropped Airpods in a water basin( light water contact)

If you dropped Airpods in a water basin means to say a light water contact then not only waterproof can withstand but also water-resistant. Moreover, water-resistant Airpods can also withstand during your workouts like exercise or jogging. Sweat and dust will cause no such damage to them. They will be safe and quite able to use.

How to protect Airpods from damages?

You are an Airpods user then you should know full well about their protection and care. Apple support community provides a great services regarding care and cleaning of Aiprods that how to clean and protect your Airpods.

Here are a few tips regarding cleaning and protecting your AirPods:

Always keep clean your AirPods

For instance, you are an athletic or a gaming person and tend to use AirPods always. It must be included in your routine that you should clean your Airpods every time after your workout.

Sweat, dust, and dirt can easily spoil your Airpods. So make it a habit to clean your Airpods from time to time or when they get dirty.

Use a water-resistant AirPods case

AirPods charging case provides good shelter and protection. When Airpods are not in use, Always keep them in their case.

Try to have a water-resistant charging case. In markets, there are different types of charging cases are available with quite bearable ranges. They also come in many different styles. So prefer to have a water-resistant case. It will provide good security from any damage.

Don’t wear AirPods during rain

When you are outside and it starts raining then don’t use Airpods no matter you are wearing a helmet or under a shade. Somehow water creates its way into your Airpods and can cause damage. Always keep Airpods in a case when not in use and when it is raining.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dropped Airpods in water what to do now?

Take them out of the water as soon as possible. Use a soft lint cloth to dry them. Gently blow the air through them but not through the main speaker as it can totally damage the Airpods. Give plenty of time for drying. If they are water proof then they will be safe if not then do these things and protect them.

Should I put them in rice to cover the water damage?

No, don’t put the Airpods in rice to cover the damage from rice as it can cause more damage to your Airpods. It can also be possible that some of the rice grains can stuck into your Airpods and totally spoil them.


Here we go!

If you dropped your Airpods in water then don’t be panic stay calm and easy and just focus on how to save them from any further damage. Also, follow the precautionary measures to stay away from such damage. As it is rightly said: Prevention is better than cure.

This was a brief solution for your damage. Hope it will be useful for you. Do share with your friend and family. can ask any question in the comment section below


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