how to hide headphones at school and college

Understanding Between Teacher and Student

how to hide headphones at school and college

Here are some tips for hiding your headphones at school
  • This is the first and most important point to hide your headphones at school.

  • If you get entangled in any unfavorable situation, your teacher must cooperate with you.

With the help of your Bag

  • your bag must be spacious and must have enough pockets to hide tools that are restricted in school.
  • Your bags must have digital lock options, in this way you will be protected.

Helping clothes

  • your clothes must have secret pockets to hide headphones.
  • you can wear undergarments ( sweater jeans and soft trousers ) it will also help you.


Although headphones are not allowed at school so first of all, you must avoid them, in case you have to use these tools then you must be aware of above can mention techniques. Through this, you will remain safe and your privacy will not be detected.

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