How To Connect Headphones To Laptop?

If you are an earbuds lover have recently bought a new pair of headphones. Connecting headphones with your laptop is somehow a little bit difficult for a beginner. I myself had also faced the problem that how to connect headphones with a laptop. As I have solved my issue so I’m here to share this issue and its solution with you. If you are facing the problem that how to connect headphones with the laptop then you are in quite the right place.

How to connect headphones with the laptop?

You can connect your headphones to a laptop in a few easy steps. But it is important that your laptop must have a Bluetooth connection option( mostly laptops have in them) otherwise it will be difficult to connect. In this article, we will discuss the possible solution to connect headphones to a laptop. You can do this in a few steps:


Make sure headphones are turned on.


Turn on the Bluetooth option on your laptop.


Search your device/headphones in the available Bluetooth option.


It’s time for connection/pairing.

Turn on headphones

The first and most important thing to do is to make sure that your headphones are turned on. You can do this very easily as you are not using headphones for the first time.

You can do this in two easy steps- The first is with the power button and the second is the smart touch technology.

Press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds and then you will hear the beep sound and also blinking light.

Headphones having touch-enabled technology are quite easy to turn on. Touch the power button for 2 to 3 seconds and you have done!

Turn on the Bluetooth option on the laptop

After turning on your headphones, it’s time to turn on the Bluetooth option on your laptop.

You can do this in two easy steps:

  • Through Bluetooth menu.
  • Through setting.

Through Bluetooth menu

How To Connect Headphones To Laptop

Usually, in most laptops, the Bluetooth option is available in the taskbar but if it is not available then check your hidden icons. The Bluetooth option is usually available in hidden icons.

Simply press the Bluetooth icon, and it will take you to a further brief description. If your Bluetooth is not activated then turn it on here.

After Bluetooth activation, it will show you all the Bluetooth devices around you, but make sure that the Bluetooth of your devices is turned on.

Thorugh setting menu

How To Connect Headphones To Laptop

If you could not find the Bluetooth option in the taskbar menu or right corner of your laptop then don’t be worried we still have many options yet.

You can turn on the Bluetooth option through the setting menu.

  • Open the setting app on your laptop.
  • Here you will see many other options but click on the second option Devices.
  • In this section, you will see the Bluetooth option, turn it on.
  • You will show all the available Bluetooth options around but make sure that your headphones or other devices are properly turned on.


After turning on the Bluetooth option, all the available networks will be shown to you.

If your headphones are properly turned on and they are in a Bluetooth mood then you can easily see their name in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

Why wouldn’t my headphones connect to the laptop?

When your headphones are missing out on power or they are not in Bluetooth mode then it might be possible. Before connecting make sure that they are properly turned on and are in Bluetooth mode. It might also be possible that your laptop could not support Bluetooth. In this care, you need to install a Bluetooth driver on your laptop for the Bluetooth option.

How can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to the laptop?

You can simply do this by setting the menu more easily. Go to setting. Look for the devices option given on the second number. After pressing the devices you will see the Bluetooth option. Turned it on, if your headphones are in Bluetooth mode then you can easily see their name in the list.

Why isn’t my Bluetooth headphone pairing?

It might be possible that your headphones are not in a Bluetooth mood. Make sure that your headphones and laptop are in proper range so that you can connect them. The longer distance can also cause the problem that headphones are not pairing with your laptop.

Why is my Bluetooth not finding devices?

In case when your laptop is not finding any Bluetooth devices, then that time you must reset your device. For this simply go to setting>System>Advance>Reset options. If you have iOS or iPods then you need to unpair all of your devices and reset your device.

How does my computer recognize my Bluetooth device?

  • You can find the devices section in Settings.
  • By clicking on Bluetooth & other devices, you can toggle the Bluetooth switch.
  • To connect your headphones to a Bluetooth device or other devices, click the Add Bluetooth or other device button.
  • Discovery Mode is where you put your headphones.

Can you connect wireless headphones to a laptop?

Yes, you can connect your wireless headphones and earbuds to the laptop. Make sure that your laptop has a Bluetooth option and that Bluetooth is turned on. Moreover, your headphones are also turned on and they are in Bluetooth mode.

How Do I Reset My Paired Bluetooth Headphones?

You can reset your Bluetooth headphones by pressing the power button for 15 seconds, then deleting the headphones from your phone or device paired list, restarting your device, and re-pairing the headphones.

How Do You Put Wireless Headphones In Pairing Mode?

Connect the Bluetooth device to this unit and place it within 3 feet (1 meter). When the Bluetooth headphones are turned off, the /POWER button (for the headphones) will be pressed for more than 7 seconds. The indicator will start to blink quickly if you release the button when it starts to blink. In the Bluetooth headphones’ pairing mode, you can pair them with other devices.


Bluetooth devices such as headphones and laptops are in demand today. Most electronic devices are with Bluetooth technology so why it is also important to know how can you connect Bluetooth devices. It has been clearly explaining that how can you connect your Bluetooth headphones to the laptop or computer.

Hope this article will be useful for you and also do share it with your friends and family as it will be a grant for them.

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