Can You Wear Earbuds with a Daith Piercing: (Full Guide)

Daith piercing is a piercing in the cartilage fold of the outer ear where the inner canal ends. The outer ear fold is the place where the piercing is done.

Nowadays people are doing so to get relief from migraines. But it now become the trendy style and musicians tend to do piercing.

Here the question is Can I wear Airpods with a Daith piercing? The short answer is that yes you can but only in one condition that your piercing should be healed completely. If you wear Airpods before the healing process it can cause a bacterial infection and can be a cause of pain.

Can I wear Airpods with a Daith piercing?

The answer is simple you can wear Airpods with Daith piercing. But only when your ears are completely heel and there is no more pain. Also, your Airpods are fulfilling the requirements. What are these requirements? we will discuss them briefly. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from a serious type of ear infection that is not good.

Here are a few safety measures and precautions that should be followed in order to wear Airpods with Daith piercing.

  • Use clean Airpods

  • Use moisturizer or ointment on your Airpods

  • Minimize the usage time

  • Avoid picking or touching the Daith piercing

  • Don’t sleep with Airpods in

  • Use soft Airpods

  • Use ointment for piercing

  • Wash hands before use

Now we will discuss briefly how can safety measures and precautions make it easy to wear Airpods with Daith piercing.

Make sure Airpods are clean

It is the most important measure regarding your question. Make sure that Airpods are clean before use. Take care that there is no ear wax inside the Airpods. Because uncleanliness can make your piercing more vulnerable to infection.

Clean your Airpods:

  • Take a soft lint cloth
  • It is advisable not to use cloth as it can damage the soft fibrotic internal structure of Airpods.
  • Clean the outer speaker, not the main speaker as it can destroy the Airpods.
  • Also, clean your charging case with an air blower.

Use a moisturizer or any ointment

This is both for your Daith piercing and your Airpods. It will be useful to apply an ointment on your Airpods and also To your Daith piercing. So that listening to music or using Airpods will cause no serious effects. The moisturizer contains vitamins A, C, and E that provide natural moisture to your ears.

Minimize the usage time

This precaution is only when your piercing is new and after heeling process.

Normally Daith pierces heels in 8 months. When it is completely heel then you can use them easily but make sure their Airpods are clean and piercing causing no pain.

Using Airpods before the healing process can make your ears vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Avoid touching the Daith piercing

Avoid too much touching especially when it is itching. Touching can invite bacteria this way and another disadvantage is that you would eventually close the piercing.

Don’t sleep with Airpods in

Sleeping with Airpods in have serious side effects. It is a very dangerous idea to spoil your health and sleep. But when you have a Daith piercing, then it is a quite silly idea to sleep with AirPods in.

Use soft Airpods

It is necessary that Airpods should not put any burden on your ears while Daith piercing. Try to have such AirPods that fit your ears. Use ear gel that is provided with Airpods made of plastic that have a nondamaging impact on your ears. These ear gels are soft and cause no pain.

Use ointment for piercing

Normally piercing heals in 8 months. But during that period is always advisable that any moisturizer or ointment should also be used to enhance the healing process.

After your Daith piercing is completely heel, you can easily use Airpods.

Wash hands before use

Make sure that your hands are clean before inserting the Airpods into your ears. Infection can easily attack your ears when your hands or Airpods are dirty. Moreover, this can result in a serious bacterial infection.

Keep your piercing clean

Make sure that your piercing is dry and clean. you can make it dry by using a hairdryer or using an air blower. Don’t use a Q- tip to remove the dirt or debris from your ears.

How to wear Airpods with Daith piercing?

The above-discussed precautions are precious and too useful during Daith piercing.

Here it is important to know how you use Airpods during Daith piercing.

  • Gently insert the Airpods into your ears

Always take care of this thing that you should not push the Airpods into your ears. Gently insert especially when you have a Daith piercing.

  • Keep the volume low

Yes, also take care of this that volume should also be below 60%. when you have Daith piercing always take care of your ears by not listening to sharp and high volumes.

Which type of Airpods can be used in Daith piercing?

There are many types of Airpods available in the market. But it will not be a good idea to use any type of Airpods. You have to make a wise selection regarding the type of Airpods.

Few tips regarding Airpods While Daith piercing:

  • Airpods should be soft and adjustable.
  • Make sure that they are of good quality.
  • They are not irritating or cause pain.
  • Should have good audio quality.
  • Use wireless Airbuds while Daith piercing.

Here is a detailed list of types of AirPods that you can use while Daith piercing.

1- Boss Soundsport( Bluetooth headphones)

2- Jaybird Vista( best Bluetooth headphones)

3- JBL tune 120 TWS( perfect wireless headphones)

4- Galaxy buds ( best battery timing headphones)

5- Apple Airpods( perfect Bluetooth headphones)

Now let’s have a look at their prominent features and try to know why they are useful while Daith piercing.

Boss Soundspot( Bluetooth headphones)

If you are having a Daith piercing then these are the best choices. They come with an active EQ technology. Most importantly they have very good battery timing. They are so small that you will forget that you have anything else in your ears. Sweat and waterproof material make it easy for you that you can use if you are applying any ointment to your ears.

They come with wireless features that you can use Bluetooth to connect with your mobile phone.


  • Active EQ option
  • Bluetooth and Nfc pairing
  • Easy stay here and tips quality
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Battery timing up to 6 hours.

Jaybird vista ( best Bluetooth headphones)

If you drop them in water or on a hard surface they can withstand such harsh conditions as they are made waterproof and surface proof.

They provide an amazing battery timing of 6 hours plus 10 hours of case. So having a great time for fun and enjoyment.

They come with an EQ technology that provides good audio quality.

Jaybird buds come with a mobile app that whenever you lose them anywhere you can locate them on the app.


  • Waterproof
  • Earth proof
  • Hard surface proof
  • 6-hour battery stay plus 10 with charging case.
  • Eq technology
  • Bluetooth option
  • Interchangeable ear gel
  • Lightweight
  • Jaybird tracking app
  • Affordable prices

JBL tune 120 TWS( perfect wireless headphones)

In this modern and trendy age, It is demanded to be updated. So there is no need to compromise when the JBL tune is here.

There are so comfortable That you forget that you have a Daith piercing or it is hurting.

JBL provides a wide variety of colors that you will find it difficult to make a selection between them.

They provide a 6-hour of battery stay plus with charging case. They can be easily charged with a charging case when not available use a USB cable to charge them.


  • Trendy and good looking
  • JBL pure bass full sound
  • !6 hours of battery stay
  • Match your style
  • Stereo calls
  • portable charging case
  • The short time required for charging
  • Affordable prices

Galaxy buds ( best battery timing headphones)

These buds have a wide range of variety, features, and styles. The main reason for its popularity is that they provide a good battery timing of 6 hours with additional 7 hours from the charging case.

They can be easily charged with a charging case but can also use a USB cable for their charging.

Galaxy buds have an ambient feature that you can pick up your important calls also while listening to music.

They are safe to use while Daith piercing as they are lightweight and cause no irritation on your ears.


  • best battery timing
  • Pur bass sound. sound optimized by AKG
  • 3 adjustable ear gels that sound good, feel-good
  • water resistant
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Manual guide

Apple Airpods( perfect Bluetooth headphones)

The advanced technology that Apple provides is active noise cancellation. with the help of this feature, You will be more disturbed by surroundings sounds.

Apple Airpods have a Siri feature. With the help of this feature, you can have a mobile app that will help you to ask for any connection problem or problem related to using.

Like all other headphones, Apple also has a charging case and provides ample battery timing. Whenever Airpods run out of battery, the charging case will also provide an additional dose of energy.

With Apple headphones never forget about the H1 chip. It is the chip that makes your Bluetooth connection faster to your mobile phone.

Apple provides excellent audio quality and voice clarity. You can also take important calls while listening to music.


  • Automatic connection with an already connected device.
  • H1 chip that makes the connection faster to other Apple devices.
  • Quick access to Siri, by saying, Hi Siri
  • Double-tap to play or skip forward.
  • Charges quickly in the case.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Can I wear Airpods with Daith piercing?

You can wear Airpods with Daith piercing. Make sure they are completely heel. If you wear Airpods before the healing process then you can make pierce close and also a source of infection.

You can use AirPods while Daith piercing but it also depends upon the type of jewelry you are using. If you are using a big earring, then it can cause irritation and provide no comfort while listening to music.

How much does Daith piercing take time to heel?

Almost 8 months to heel completely. You can make the time shorter by taking care of your Piercing.

Always keep your piercing dry and clean. Use an ointment or moisturizer. Avoid touching or picking the piercing. Don’t use Airpods while your Daith piercing is in the healing process.

By following these instructions you can make the time shorter to heel.

How can i change Daith piercing?

Daith piercing heels in 3-4 months. During the healing process, you cannot change them after you have pierced them. The jewelry you use after piercing should also be not changed until the heel.

Try to avoid wearing hard plastic Airpods with Daith piercing as it cause discomfort and can also hurt your piercing.


You can use AirPods while Daith piercing until they are a heel. Otherwise not. Daith piercing can heel in 3 – 4months but you can make the healing time shorter by following the safety measures and precautions.

After heeling, use a piece of small size jewelry and soft Airpods that cause no pain. Keep your Airpods clean. remove any ear wax and dirt from them from time to time. Always wash your hand before using Airpods. Minimize the time for using Airpods.

Here we have discussed all the safety measures and precautions to avoid the infection and enjoy your daily life.

Want to ask any questions, leave a reply in the comment section below.


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